The cathedral destroyed in 1944

2009 we remember "50 Years Re-Opening of the Salzburg Cathedral" after the bomb attack in the second world war. A reason for joy, being grateful and celebrating.

October 16th 1944 the first bombs attacked Salzburg right into the center, many persons were killed and the dome of the Salzburg Cathedral was ruined. Archbishop Dr. Andreas Rohracher stood up immediately for the reconstruction. But it was a long and hard way to go.

In May 1959 the Salzburg Cathedral was reopened in its full height and beauty. The entire Diocese, Land Salzburg, the Republic as well as the general public of Salzburg were involved in the quick reconstruction of the dome of Salzburg Cathedral. 

In 200, the anniversary year, new clear-up-operations were finished and the so called "Konrad Crypt" developed and be opened.

Großer und heiliger Gott,
jedes Jahr feiern wir den Weihetag dieses heiligen Hauses.
Höre auf die Bitten Deines Volkes.
Hilf uns, dass wir an diesem Ort
in rechter Gesinnung den heiligen Dienst vollziehen
und den Reichtum Deiner Gnade empfangen.
Darum bitten wir durch Jesus Christus.

(Messbuch II)