Leonhard bell

 Strike tone:  ges
 Diameterr:  118 cm
 Weight:  1.025 kg
 Year cast:  1961
 Caster:  Franz Oberascher
 Place cast:  Salzburg-Kasern
 Consecrator:     Prälat Dr. Josef Dillersberger 
 Date of consecration:    24.09.1961


Images of the bell:

Relief of St Leonhard coat of arms of the Franz Oberascher bell foundry, beneath
the names of the two masters: Engineers Georg Sippel, R. Schwindt

Inscription on the bell

(God protect the Salzburg farmers)


This bell hangs in the belfry of the south tower (on the Kapitelplatz side), on the top level.
It was donated by the Salzburg Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry.
Sponsors: Maria Grießner, Maria Wolfgruber, Maria Saller

This bell usually only rings in combination with the other cathedral bells (e.g. during the call to church service).

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