Guided tours through the Cathedral

Welcome to the most iconic site in Salzburg’s baroque old town. In order to welcome guests and visitors from all over the world, we offer a great variety of guided tours through the cathedral for groups and schools in German, English or Italian. Travel in time with us to have an insight into the fascinating history of the Salzburg Cathedral, learn more about the lives and rules of the prince-archbishops, lose yourself in the magnificent architecture and fabulous treasures and paintings, or learn more about religious traditions from the past till now.

Guided tours in German 70€
per group, max. 25 people, duration: 60 to 90 min.

Guided tours in English or Italian  80€
per Group, max. 25 People, Duration: 60 to 90 min.

Themed tours for schools, children and youth groups
€ 2,- per child

We are very determined to respect your required reservation; however, we kindly ask you to be aware, that during concerts, services or special events, the tours cannot be delivered and therefore must be postponed.

To receive more information about bookings and availabilities, please do not hesitate to use the contact form – we look forward to responding to your enquiries.


Advent: Guided tours in the cathedral: Beginning 05:45pm

In Advent we offer our visitors the possibility of a cathedral tour in english.

Price: € 5, - per person (children up to 15 years are free)
Duration approx. 1 hour  
Tickets are available from the cathedral Staff at the dome entrance

Meeting point at the entrance of the cathedral, 05:45pm

Dates in December 2019:

 These dates will only be announced.