The organ landscape within Salzburg Cathedral

After the completion of the two western ‘Italian’ pipe organs, Salzburg Cathedral now has a total of five independent organs, a situation that is one of a kind north of the Alps! As in Mozart’s times, instrumental music can be performed in the dome galleries – Mozart usually played on the south-eastern pipe organ, the ‘Hoforgel’ (halo organ) – and the old masters’ polychoral works can be performed as originally intended. 

Along with the ‘Grosser Domorgel’ (large cathedral organ) in the west gallery of the cathedral, which is an indispensable instrument of excellent quality for the entire organ ensemble, Salzburg Cathedral provides a unique location – at least in Europe – for a wide range of music. ‘Wandern in der Orgellandschaft im Salzburger Dom’ (Wandering through the organ landscape of Salzburg Cathedral) gives organists and listeners a wonderful experience. This instrumental diversity is used as a musical framework for church services as well as for concerts.

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