Relics in the Cathedral

Reliquien im Dom
The heads of St Gereon and St Ursula – Companion during the removal of relics 2014
CHAPEL OF THE CROSS ST CHUNIALD and ST GISLAR Companions of St Rupert, well-attested, authentic; only relics of St Gislar were found during a reburial in 1315. At the current location since 1914.
CHAPEL OF TRANSFIGURATION ST VINCENT Deacon and martyr Vincent of Saragossa, patron saint of Portugal, came to Salzburg around 900 under Archbishop Dietmar of Salzburg, verified. Feast: 22/1
ST ANNE’S CHAPEL ST CHRYSANTHUS and ST DARIA Martyr couple, 4th century, Archbishop Adalwin of Salzburg received these relics from Pope Nicholas I in honour of the bestowment of the pallium in Rome 860, authentic. Feast: 25/10echt. Fest: 25.10.
BAPTISTERY ST GEREON and ST URSULA-COMPANION St Gereon: massacred with his soldiers in Cologne in 304 as commander of a cohort. In 1226, Archbishop Heinrich of Cologne gave Archbishop Eberhard II of Salzburg the head of the saint. St Ursula - Companion: Martyr virgin from the host of companions of St Ursula. Well documented. Feast: 11/10
ST SEBASTIAN’S CHAPEL ST BASIL THE GREAT and ST DEMETRIUS THE MARTYR First mentioned during an appraisal in 1828, authenticity unverified. Feast: 2/1
CHAPEL OF ST CHARLES BORROMEO ST HERMES 2nd century martyr, Archbishop Liupram, brought the relic from the Hermes catacomb in Rome to Salzburg on 1 July 851. Well-attested. Feast: 28/8
ST MARTIN’S CHAPEL ST MARTIN OF TOURS Shrine from 1675; the relics were attested as early as 1020; possibly brought here under Archbishop Arno around 800 through the intervention of his friend Alkuin from Franconia. Authenticity is well-attested. Feast: 11/11
CHAPEL OF THE HOLY GHOST ST MATTHEW THE APOSTLE and ST BARNABAS THE APOSTLE At this location since 1914, authenticity not proven. Feast: St Matthew 24/2, St Barnabas 11/6
High altar St Rupert and St Vergilius Diocese patron saints of Salzburg. Abbot Bishop Vergilius lays Rupert’s relics to rest in the first cathedral in 774. Authenticity is verified. Feast: 24/9